Ganges Township, Michigan


All meeting are held at the township hall, at 7:00 pm, 
​unless otherwise noted.

Township Board: April 10, 2018  Agenda

Planning Commission: April 24, 2018 Cancelled


119th Ave. & 64th St.

Fennville, MI 49408


Office Hours:
Mon, Tues, Thurs
12:00 PM - 5:00 pm 


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NOTICE:  Saturday April 14, 10:00AM
The Ganges Township Election Commission

Please take notice, the Ganges Township Election Commission will hold a meeting, Saturday April 14, at 10:00am for the purpose of naming the election inspectors for the May 8, 2018 election.​ The meeting will occur at the Ganges Township Hall, 119th Ave. & 64th St., Fennville, MI 49408

NOTICE:  Green-Reflective Address Markers are currently available from the Ganges Township Fire Department. They help ensure that Emergency Services can find your address quickly and easily in an emergency.  

Call the firehall at 269-227-3806 if you are interested. 

NOTICE:  The following organization may be of interest. Senior Guidance is an organization dedicated to providing helpful senior living resources for the elderly. You can visit their site at:

REASSESSMENT INFORMATION: In an effort to update the computerized property records of Ganges Township, a representative from the Assessing Department will be visiting properties to take photos, measurements and verify property information. In addition to normal business hours, the inspections may take place during early evening or Saturday hours. The field inspector will have a photo ID. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the township office at 269-543-8316. You may also contact the Assessor, Tom Doane at 616-450-3918.

For 2017 assessment information and property sales related to assessments for 2017, visit the Assessments page.