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Who do I call for...


Property Taxes Cindy Reimink (Treasurer), (269) 543-3451
 Assessment Info Kelley Ziesemer (Assessor), (616) 485-7740
Election Information
Or Voter Registration
Cindy Yonkers (Clerk), (269) 543-8316
Zoning Questions, Land Divisions or
Ordinance Violations
Zoning questions: Tasha Smalley (Zoning Admin) 800-626-5964
Vehicle Storage/Litter Complaints:  Lee Coltson (Enforcement Officer) (269) 763-3443
Building Permits    Dan Pohl (Building Official), (800) 626-5964
Burn Permits Doug Compton (269) 214-0061
Allegan County, (269) 686-5222
Cemetery Lots  Gary Holton (Sexton), (269) 568-6838
 Cindy Yonkers (Clerk), (269) 543-8316
Transfer Station**  (269) 543-8531

**The Transfer Station is open every Sunday from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.  The Station is located on 122nd Avenue east of 52nd Street. 

The Transfer Station will take most household items such as furniture, mattresses, carpeting, tires, and trash for a fee determined either by item or by the load.  Items that can be dumped for free include scrap metal, batteries and household appliances, as long as Freon is removed first.

Ganges Township is participating in a recycling program at the Transfer Station for glass, cans, some plastics and newspapers. The recycling will only be available during the Sunday hours.

For further information, please call (269) 543-8316.






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